Stéphane Plaza immobilier


Project stakes:   

Manage the entire process of recruiting a new franchisee within a single tool: From the initial qualification until the opening of the agency Creation of prospects according to multiple sources (Website, Trade Shows, Telephone, ...) Process automatically adapted to the target (Real Estate Agent, Employee, Company founder) Management of information meetings, especially on tablet Sector Management with Branch History by Sector 


Analysis, Design and Development of a tailor-made module adapted to the business needs of Stephane Plaza real estate on a base Dynamics 365 Definition of a target architecture (D365, Outlook, SharePoint, PowerBI, Extranet) Respect of deadlines and commitments (batch delivery at customer's request) 


Functional contributions: management of multi-prospect opportunities, branch management by sector and management of sector histories. 

Technical environment: Set up a franchise management solution with Microsoft Dynamics